Thursday, February 06, 2003

VERA just told me that a ferret dies when it goes in heat and cannot find a mate...

This makes me thankful of the following:

1) That I am not a ferret.
2) That I seldom go in heat (lolz..ok, I see raised brows and violent comments waiting to be posted, so don't mind this one)
3) That boys are naturally submissive guys when you tell them to with you, undress and do you
4) That a lot of boys will make themselves available, sadly, even the taken ones
5) That I am not that ugly enough (yet) to merit rejection from every guy
6) That I haven't died yet in all those times that I practiced celibacy even if i'm crawling walls already out of extreme horniness
7) That I don't just turn around and offer my vagina when am horny
8) That there is white chocolate and other foods that comfort me when am most.....libidinal.....


Quentin just told me that a snail's orgasm lasts for half a day.... and again, am bloody thankful that:

1) Am not a snail
2) That I am already multiply orgasmic (allow me on top of a man, and if I don't control things, i'd be coming like crazy by the minute) to satisfy any man
3) I know where my vagina is... and I don't have to be rubbing it on the floor as I walk (lolz, sorry, but I don't bloody know where a snail's genitalia is located)